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Mapping Climate Action Around the Bay

The Bay Area Climate Action Mapping Project is an initiative of Drawdown Bay Area designed to facilitate inter-organization cooperation, communication and collaboration.  the listings and maps provided here can provide valuable insights and perspectives into our regional efforts to address specific aspects of the climate emergency including sea level rise, impact mitigation, our solid waste crisis, and the just transition to a fossil-fuel free economy.

The Mapping Project is a joint effort of Drawdown Bay Area and The Praxis Group in collaboration with 350 Bay Area, the RAPID Climate Action Network and the Sustainable Bay Area Network with help from an amazing team of volunteer research associates.

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Searchable Directories The Directories are up-to-date listings of Bay Area organizations involved in some aspect(s) of climate action. Use the Search function to find individual organizations or subsets by City, County or Tags (keywords). Click a column header to sort (A-Z or Z-A). Listings include: Org. Name, Acronym, Org. Type, City, County and Website.

The Profiles Catalog displays the Mission and Profile of each organization. Profiles include Org. Name, Acronym, Org. Type, City, County, Website, Mission and Description. You can use your browser Search to find organizations by name, city, keywords, etc.

Location Map The Location Map shows the general location of organizations around the San Francisco Bay Area. Markers are color-coded by Organization Type.

IMPORTANT: all listings without a known City are parked in Chico (temporarily) – help us update these listings using the Add/Update Listings form.

Climate Emergency Declarations This Climate Emergency Declarations map shows which cities and counties have officially adopted a Climate Emergency Declaration.
Map courtesy of 350 Bay Area

The Relationship Maps offers mind-mapping style representations of groupings of and connections between organizations based on the Kumu platform. Current views: by County, by Region, by Tag/Keyword.

Tag Definitions
A listing of Tags and Tag Relationships to other keywords. Use this list to help define Directory and Profile search terms.

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