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Project Lifeline: Advocating for
Undocumented Immigrant Children

Founded in July 2018 at the height of the separated children crisis, Project Lifeline is dedicated to upholding the dignity and freedom of undocumented immigrant children through legal and medico-legal partnerships and targeted education and advocacy. Praxis is Project Lifeline’s fiscal sponsor and also provides organizational guidance as well as key banking and data management services.

Co-founders Hope Frye, an immigration and human rights lawyer and longtime advocate for immigrant children, and Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, a neurologist and community activist, launched Project Lifeline because of the inhumane conditions that they witnessed firsthand on visits to detention facilities holding immigrant children.

Project Lifeline’s partners include Cornell University Law School – Farm Worker Legal Assistance Clinic, Physicians for Human Rights, Lawyers for Good Government, ProBAR, cartoonist Tom Chalkey, ACLU of Texas, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law and the University of the Incarnate Word.

Hope had previously worked with The Praxis Group – Praxis served as the fiscal sponsor for another project she launched called The Saidia Fund focused on providing scholarships for young girls in Uganda’s Mbarara region to attend private schools – a key route on the pathway out of poverty. Praxis served as the Fund’s fiscal sponsor and providing organizational and technical support.

Check out Project Lifeline’s website at www.ProjectLifeline.us

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