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Heartfelt Help
for Transplant Patients

Serendipity led us to meeting Jim and Denise Redeker and hear the amazing and inspiring story of why and how they founded the Heartfelt Help Foundation. We were inspired by their story and their passion for helping others. To do our part in helping the Foundation succeed and grow, Praxis is providing technical assistance helping the Foundation with its data management systems.

Heartfelt Help Foundation was founded in 2019 based on the personal struggles of Founder and CEO Denise Redeker to locate, afford, and retain housing during my heart transplant recovery and hearing that others were having their life-saving transplant surgeries delayed due to an inability to afford nearby housing and other recovery-related expenses.

Today, Heartfelt Help Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which aims to assist transplant recipients afford the full scope of recovery expenses, including housing, transportation, and home health which are not covered by insurance. We believe the transplant recovery process is a crucial time that should be spent focused on recovery, rehabilitation, and achieving additional years with family and friends.

Check out their website at www.HeartfeltHelpFoundation.com.

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